Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dining Adventure

Jess (otherwise known as Latey McTardy) and Amy and I went on a dining adventure last night to a Vietnamese Restaurant that I can't remember the name of. This was what we ate (more photos in next post).

This was Shrimp Cake Wrapped Around Sugar Cane Sticks.  How could we resist a description like that?  The sugar cane came with strict instructions from our very helpful waiter that is was not to be eaten, just chewed on.  It was very good. We wrapped it in the accompanying lettuce as shown below: 
This was the Vietnamese Pancake. It looked huge, but was mostly filled with bean sprouts. It also had some slivers of pork in it. I think the pancake was made from sweet potato, as it was very sweet. 
This was my Pho with seafood and some bean curd.  It was perfect and lovely.  
This was the mysterious egg in my Pho.  I ate it, the yolk was a very pale green, and much larger in proportion to the white than a normal egg. We think it was quail.  

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