Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dawson's Creek & Sushi

I have a strange love for bad teen television. (I think it stems from my fond memories of watching 90210) So I spent the early part of this evening watching the first year of Dawson's Creek and doing sit ups and waiting for the Boy to call and say that he was done plumbing and that we were going for dinner. Alas, that call never came. And when I finally called him at 7:15, he was still on the Cape filling a jacuzzi tub to check it for leaks. (You must always add 3 hours to regular time to get Plumbing Time.)

So, no dinner together, and then there I was faced with having to leave Dawson and Joey and Jen and Pacey and go cook something, or calling someone to bring me dinner. So I called the nice people with the sushi and they will bring me some soon. There will be eel, spicy tuna, some seaweed salad and some steamed shumai. In the past, there would have been some crispy crunchy roll things with shrimp or vegetables. But, not tonight. And I will not miss them.



The sushi arrived and is lovely. It took a while to get here, and I'm eating dinner at almost 9pm, but it was good to just sit with my hunger and realize it would not harm me. And when the food came, I was still able to eat it slowly and really enjoy it. Now I'm done and not hungry, but not completely full. Just the right amount of full. I think it's tea time and then bed time.

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Jess said...

I also have a thing for bad teen angst dramas! I watched the last season of Dawson's this year because I had stopped watching it by then and really NEEDED to know who Joey ended up with.

Sushi sounds yummy! A nice healthy take out order!