Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bento Love!

Here is the little Zojirushi in all his glory!
Look at how his little ears fold down, as the first container emerges.... 

And what do we have here?  Carrots, and peanut butter with a little chocolate piece.  
And the second container is revealed. 

It's curry! And you can see by the condensation on the lid that the stainless steel lining of the jar has kept my curry nice and hot! 

I see a long and glorious future with me and Zojirushi, who is, apparently a Ms. Bento according to the website. Well, whatever she or he is, I love her and will be filling her with tasty morsels for years to come (or until I find something even cuter and abandon her like, well, like something you abandon for something cuter.)  

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