Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Night Blues and Greens

For some reason the Sunday Night Blues showed up around noon today. The SNB's are that melancholy that settles in on Sunday night for no real reason. When my brother and his Japanese friends had their band they even had a song called "Sunday Night Blues." I guess the SNB's are an international phenomenon.

Anyway, they settled on me and I spent the day being rather sedate and reading other people's blogs. Finally, I got up to start making dinner since I was getting hungry. I prepped the big bunch of broccoli, putting 2 of the stalks in the fridge all chopped, and keeping one out for dinner. Then I took one of the pork loin chops (I think it was 7 oz.) and sliced it thinly. I stir-fried the broccoli in a little oil with garlic and crushed red pepper, then added the pork and cooked it for a few minutes. I sprinkled it all with 5 Spice powder and ate it. It was very good, and filled up my bowl twice so I felt like I was getting a lot of food (which I was, even though most of it was broccoli.) I ate it with chop sticks.  I thought that in the past I probably would have made rice to go with it, but it didn't need rice at all. It just tasted very clean and fresh.   And then I had an artichoke. I think I have made up for my lack of vegetables yesterday.

Whole dinner: 533 calories. My percentage of fat calories was 30% today, which is just right. My protein intake was 40% (it's supposed to be 15%) and carbs were 28%, supposed to be 55%. Oh well, I'll keep an eye on things and I'm sure it will balance out over the course of a week.

Yoga Journal has a new Evening Yoga Video that I might do before bed.

The very pretty white and blue bowl was one of the ones I bought at the open studios yesterday.

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