Friday, May 23, 2008

Wish I Were There

I did some weight lifting last night, and then went to do the Yoga Journal Core Strengthening Podcast. It was fine until half way through it my arms couldn't take any more down dog or plank so I stopped. Next time I'll do the yoga part first, then the weights. And next time I won't be coming off of an illness.

Last night was Taco Night with The Boy, which was dampened a bit by Fatherhood Garbage that made me not very hungry, and made it so that neither of us could sleep. Some stuff just sucks and has no solution.

Anyway, breakfast was eggs, lunch is lentils and rice again and I have no yogurt. I have no idea what dinner is, but would be glad if it involved wine.

Oh, and according to the Boston Globe, I don't have to detox. Which is pretty much what I already knew.

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Cammy said...

Wen I first started yoga, I had to "rest" my arms every now and then, and my planks were more plankettes. :)

I also have no idea what dinner is; however, I would be glad if it involved cheese dip .

Have a great weekend!