Monday, May 5, 2008

I Went Biking And It Did Not Suck

I used to love biking. When I was young and carefree and living in California, I didn't have a car so I biked everywhere: work, the grocery store, college, the fabric store, the Folsom Dam. I loved it. I didn't think twice about hopping on my bike and flying away. And I weighed 135 pounds. Then I got a car. I got old. I got real jobs that you couldn't bike to. I got heavy. And biking went from being freedom to being "exercise."

I still have 2 bikes, a road and a mountain. I ride them during the summer and fall. And thanks to the REI sale, I have a sweet new pair of biking shoes. So I put on my shoes today and went for a short ride. 20 minutes, a few hills, no left turns, and 12 minutes into it I sort of even enjoyed it.

I do better when I bike to a destination like the beach, or a walk, or a store, so I'll try to do more of that. And I'll head out on short rides more often and hope the love returns.

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