Sunday, May 4, 2008

Not An Artichoke

That was dinner. It was not an artichoke. It was a homemade thin crust pizza with the following things on it: half whole wheat/half white crust, pesto, spicy chicken sausage, shrimp, mushroom, a little thinly sliced onions, a few roased red peppers, and a bit of Parmesan cheese. I usually put arugula on it but I was out and the thought of kale on my pizza was not very appealing. Oh, and some crushed red pepper, even though there is some in the sausage. I don't really like too much cheese on my pizza, or tomato sauce. But I missed the greens. And red onions would have been better than white.

I ate too much of it on account of its deliciousness, but then I went for a nice brisk 20 minute walk, which settled my stomach.

Plan for the week:
  • keep up the cardio everyday: walking or maybe biking. 
  • abs every day
  • strength training 3 times 
  • yoga 1 day
  • continue with portion control 
  • plan for healthy dinners on Tuesday & Wed. when I will be out in the evenings
  • don't eat so much pizza next time.  

Here is a post on motivation, or lack thereof, from the fit shack.

Here is a nice picture from our walk today that makes me feel all peaceful :

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JoLynn from The Fit Shack said...

Hi Laine,

I love your focus on Fitness instead of just weight loss. Sure, I'm working on losing weight too, but I think it's dangerous to get all wrapped up in the scale. Much much better goal to have to climb a mountain (woohoo!!) without getting out of breath.

You go! :)

(thank you for recommending my post on surrendering to a lack of motivation to your readers, too)