Friday, May 2, 2008

Dinner At Dad's

Last night was dinner at my dad's, a weekly tradition. The menu was: roast pork, Brussels sprouts in yummy sauce, broccoli, asparagus (which I didn't eat) and this egg noodle dish he makes that has butter and asiago cheese and I think bacon fat, too, and caramelized onions and then he cooks it so it sort of burns on the bottom of the pan and gets all crunchy. It is something I would never cook for myself at home, so it is nice to have a little when I go there. He had set out large dinner plates for us to eat off of, but I like to eat out of small bowls so I got one of those instead.

Oh, and a few pieces of whole wheat baguette with chicken liver pate. It sounds gross but it is so good. I think that has bacon fat in it, too. My dad loves to cook with bacon fat, which you could never tell by looking at him - he is very wiry and weighs less than I do. I think when we are not there he eats mostly bean sprouts and carrots.

Even though I had done my arm workout for the day, my small nephew's favorite activity to be held in someone's lap, so that he is standing and can jump up and down. A rather sturdy 4 mo. weighs quite a bit, especially after 15 minutes of that activity, so I think I got 2 arm workouts in yesterday.

Dessert was, as always, homemade ice cream. Last nights flavor was chocolate. The servings are less than a 1/4 cup I think, maybe right around there. They are served in tiny glasses, with tiny demi tasse spoons which make you savor every bite.

I had brought my Bento lunch jar to show to people, and it ended up being the perfect thing to put a few leftovers in for lunch today.

As for the result of the Denise Austin workout yesterday, the following muscle groups have that lovely ache: shoulders, triceps, abdominals, hamstrings, glutes, and upper back. You can even rent it from Netflix.

Hmm, maybe renting fitness videos from Netflix would be a good way to mix things up. I could try belly dancing then kickboxing then some of the Elle Glam Fitness DVDs....well maybe not those last ones.

I'm having my coffee, thinking about breakfast and hoping that it's not really raining out.

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