Friday, May 2, 2008

Lunch in 2 Parts

I brought leftovers for lunch: a few brussel sprouts, some broccoli, a little bit of the noodles from last night, and some of the pork. The nice thing about Ms. Bento is that I can just bring a small amount of each thing. I had a client coming at 1:30, so decided I'd eat around 12. Then she called at 11 and asked if she could come at 11:45 instead. So, I had the pork and noodles at 11, since I was hungry then. And after she left I had the brussels and broccoli. They were lovely. I am figuring out the amounts and kinds of food that I can eat and be satisfied.


Didn't finish posting this before I went to Whole Foods when I was hungry later in the afternoon. I got a cappucino and a Fage Yogurt (the yummy Greek yogurt) and walked right past the tasty chicken things in the salad bar.

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