Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tacos and Pizza and Fat, Oh My!

A rather large percentage of my calories yesterday came from fat. I tracked everything on Sparkpeople, and my calories were within my range, but the percentage from fat was a bit skewed. This came from the eggs that the Boy cooked me in the morning (he adds more butter than I do) and the ground beef tacos I made for lunch, and the pizza I had for dinner. I was almost not going to track my food because the tacos made me nervous but then I figured I should, since knowledge is power.

The tacos kept me full until we had dinner at my mom's at 6:30. It was Open Studios in their neighborhood, and my mom's house was open for showing her paintings and drawings, and the rest of us had spent a bunch of time down the street buying pottery so we were all to tired to cook and ordered pizza. I had 2 pieces. That was just the right amount. And when I went to the Boy's house later in the evening, he was eating the leftover Chinese food which smelled tasty, but since I'd had dinner already I didn't have any.

This morning I had oatmeal, and I'm going to try to eat more vegetables today and just watch my fat intake. A bike ride or woods walk will take place, and some house cleaning and food prep, too.

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