Friday, May 16, 2008

Mmmm, bacon fat.

Dinner was at the Boy's last night. He always has a dish of bacon fat on his stove (who doesn't?) which makes cooking there quite tasty. We were making chicken with vegetables, and then some little red potatoes. We decided to turn the potatoes into Patatas con Tres Grasas (which I think means potatoes with three fats in Spanish.)
Here are 2 of the fats: schmaltz (chicken fat) and a little dab of bacon fat:

Potatoes. When they were done cooking, he mixed in some butter with the leftover stuff from the chicken pan and then added that to the potatoes

Chicken, broccoli, grape tomatoes. There might have been a dab of bacon fat added to this dish, too. And then some pesto stirred in at the end.

The finished product, eaten out of the funny dishes with dividers between the different sections. This was the Boy's plate. Mine had the chicken on top of the arugula, and no dressing. The potatoes were just about the tastiest things I've ever eaten.

Meals like that are nice because they seem very decadent, but since they are only eaten once in a blue moon, they are ok. And there is nothing wrong with a little bacon fat.

No walk this morning. I was going to leave early to walk, but it was so nice out we ended up sitting out on the porch drinking coffee and watching the 2 dogs and one cat wander around the yard and listening to the birds.

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