Sunday, September 13, 2009

Belly Aching

I don't know what it wrong with my stomach. Ever since Friday it has felt weird. At the top part of my stomach like heartburn or a hangover, but it's not either of those things. Eating doesn't help. Not eating doesn't help. An hour long walk in the woods didn't help. I may go out in search of Tums or something after a shower.

I'm trying to figure out what to make with eggplant. I love to buy them, and they have such pretty varieties at the farm stand. Maybe a small batch of eggplant parm. The recipe from Laurel's Kitchen is good - no frying needed so it goes together quickly.

I'm having some fresh corn ravioli for lunch with some cold salmon from last night's dinner. The temptation when I feel like this is to keep eating, hoping that it will help. But since I know it won't, I'm going to track my calories and stay within my goal. And hope that tomorrow brings wellness.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Still working on eating enough at breakfast and lunch so I'm not starving at dinner. Since this is my constant dilemma, you'd think I'd be better at solving it by now. But alas.

Anyway, I had shrimp fajitas for dinner. Lots of veggies, even if the tortillas were a bit high in calories.

And I walked the dog for about 15 minutes which is a start. I just wish I didn't start so slowly every time. And fall off track so easily.

I hate eating so much for dinner because it leaves me too full too long to do yoga in the evenings.

Tomorrow morning I will review the meals I was eating earlier this summer when this was easier, to get me back on track.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh, Hi.

I stocked up on veggies tonight at Whole Foods. I missed the farm stand on account of a wedding, catered by Red Bones (yum!). I am roasting some cauliflower with crushed red peppers to have on hand for lunches, and am going to make some whole wheat cous cous to get me through the week. Shrimp was on sale, so I'll peel and devein that for lunches or dinners. And I have some eggplant ravioli from Nella Pasta which is made locally.

The plan is some yoga before bed. I haven't done any in a while and I can feel my back being tighter and my sleep not being as good.

I would like to say that while my blogging slacked off, my exercising didn't - but that would be a lie. So, I'll say that I intend to do yoga before bed. I intend to remember what my routine is like when I'm in the habit of exercising and easily tracking my food. I intend to continue taking good care of my body and being mindful of what goes in it.