Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh, Hi.

I stocked up on veggies tonight at Whole Foods. I missed the farm stand on account of a wedding, catered by Red Bones (yum!). I am roasting some cauliflower with crushed red peppers to have on hand for lunches, and am going to make some whole wheat cous cous to get me through the week. Shrimp was on sale, so I'll peel and devein that for lunches or dinners. And I have some eggplant ravioli from Nella Pasta which is made locally.

The plan is some yoga before bed. I haven't done any in a while and I can feel my back being tighter and my sleep not being as good.

I would like to say that while my blogging slacked off, my exercising didn't - but that would be a lie. So, I'll say that I intend to do yoga before bed. I intend to remember what my routine is like when I'm in the habit of exercising and easily tracking my food. I intend to continue taking good care of my body and being mindful of what goes in it.

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