Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The One That Mentions Digestion, But Only Briefly

So, I went for my massage, which was very nice. The woman is also a reflexologist, so she spent some time on my feet and afterwards told me that she couldn't find any muscular/skeleter reason for my back and leg pain, but she read in my feet that my digestion is congested (which I didn't think it was) and that might be causing referred pain in my back and leg. Interesting. She suggested a detox (and no, they don't sell detox/cleanses there, so she wasn't try to make money) or a cleanse.

I really don't believe in cleanses. I think the body does a good job of taking care of itself it you take care of it. Plus, they just seem kind of gross. But, in the spirit of perhaps having some interesting blog fodder, I'll go to the Health Food Store and at least investigate them.

Anyway, this was dinner: asparagus from the organic farm nearby, and Fire Cracker Salmon from the Make and Take Kitchen. It looks like one of those "diet meals" they always try to tell you to eat in Self Magazine, or show on the Canyon Ranch website, the kind of meal I always looked and said "thanks, but no thanks, that's not enough food for me and it probably doesn't even taste good anyway." But this was exactly what I wanted tonight - the lovely asparagus sprayed with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper and roasted, and then the sort of spicy salmon, about 6 oz. (there's a piece hidden under that top piece) And a glass of white wine. If rice had been the Grain of the Week, I might have had some, but bulgar didn't seem quite right. I did have a piece of cheese while dinner cooked.

My eating seems to have taken a "lower carb" route, which was not on purpose. I'm just trying to eat what my body is telling me it wants. I'll have oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow, and maybe pasta for dinner to try to even things out for the week. And I'll make some bean dishes this weekend so some lunches can be meat free. And I have a recipe for no-knead bread I want to try, although I'm not ready for an entire loaf of bread to be in the house with me yet, so some of it may have to go to the Boy's house.

The dog needs walking, the coffee needs prepping, some evening yoga needs doing, and the Dawson's Creek needs watching.

Good night! And all my slacker friends who have not been blogging - start posting!! You know who you are! I need things to read in the mornings with my coffee.

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jess said...

Am I one of those friends? I am a slacker - I didn't exercise today. I'm tired and going to bed. I found a new place for marketing meetings - in Quincy! I had a fantastic salad! And they have yummy wine.