Friday, May 9, 2008

The Mystery That Keeps Me Moving

How can the same bike ride feel so different just 3 days apart? My ride on Tuesday was miserable. I felt like one of those elephants on a tricycle at the circus (or are those bears?) trying to get myself up the hills and swearing the whole way and hoping the police officers on duty at the road work sites didn't think I was mutting f*ck under my breath at them.

And today I set out on the same ride, thinking it might be marginally better, and it was so much better. It was the exact same route, the exact same bike but I felt so much stronger and even happier by the end of it. I just kept thinking "this is a really nice ride." And it really was.

The only think I did differently was to leave the fleece vest at home. I think on the last ride the back of my neck was overly heated and that made me uncomfortable (I get very hot when I exercise). I left it at home today knowing it would be a little chilly to start but much better for the rest of the ride. There is one spot on this ride where the temperature in my body shifts upward and I push my sleeves up, or take my jacket or long sleeve shirt off. I noticed it last year, that every single time I rode I would stop in front of this one house and start to disrobe, it's rather strange, but sort of interesting, too.

Breakfast was eggs in a tortilla. I don't know what lunch is yet.

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