Sunday, May 18, 2008

Crackers in Bed and the Importance of A Food Scale

So I went out to take the trash to the dump and to try to find something to eat that would not gross me out. It was about 1pm, and I'd had around 250 calories for the day, far below what I should have had by that point to feel good. I decided on crackers and some hard goat cheese from a little store nearby. I put a tablespoon of peanut butter on a plate, and a handful of crackers and then sliced a few thin slices of the cheese - an amount that looked like a good amount to eat. I figured it was maybe 3 oz. of cheese. Then I weighed it, it was 1.25 oz. Clearly, I have a ways to go in estimating food. But, that is why I bought the scale, to train my eye and hand. Now I'm lying in bed eating crackers and hoping the cheese and peanut butter will revive me. They seem to be.

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Cammy said...

I was surprised when I discovered one of my favorite salads (from Newk's) had only a quarter ounce of cheese on it. I had been counting it as a full ounce!

I love crackers and cheese, with fruit, for a small meal. It's a real pickmeup. I hope it worked for you!