Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Boy wanted to see the Blog this morning, so I took him on a skimming tour of it. He doesn't really need to see what my actual weight is, or read about some of my food issues.

We were talking about exercise and he was explaining to me the various "exercises" he does during his plumbing day. For instance he was under a jacuzzi tub on his back working on some tubes, but there was something sharp under his back so he was essentially in bridge pose for quite a while with his arms up working. Then when he has to shimmy in and out of crawl spaces he is in a low plank pose and moving. Or when lowering him self up and down out of some weird space at his friends house 30 times in a day, he got quite a few triceps dips in. All that without even meaning to exercise.

Dinner last night was: 3 pieces of eel sushi, 3 pieces of spicy tuna, a small lettuce wrap, some seaweed salad and some veggies & chicken over crunchy noodles. Just a bit of each thing, and I was a little hungry later but when I thought about it I was more mouth-hungry than stomach-hungry so I just said to myself "yes, that food was very yummy, but you had enough to fill you up. You can have it again some time, but not now."

It's gray and cold, and I'm driving my sister up to our mom's today with her babe, but I am going to go for a walk shortly, since the rain seems to be holding off for now.

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