Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two Point Two

These are the amazing noodles my dad makes. They are whole wheat shells, carmelized onions, a mix of cheese (chedder, asiago and parmesan) and then cooked until they sort of stick to the pan. Oh, and they have butter and a little sugar in them.  These are not something to be made at home. These are a special Dad Treat. 

This is broccoli. And the Christmas table cloth. 

This was my little bowl. It had some noodles, some broccoli dabbed with a little homemade mayonaise, some pork loin, and a few small beet cubes. I had a second bowl with a few more noodles, more broccoli, and pork. It was just the right amount of food.

I did not get a photo of the ice cream, but it was chocolate. I did not get a photo of the lovely rose wine, but it was delicious - dry and cold.  Nor did I get a photo of the niece who was covered in chocolate or the nephew who was giving my biceps another workout since he likes to be held and bounced. I have to figure out a way to get my triceps done while holding him, but that didn't seem quite safe since it would involve holding him over my head.  

My leg still hurts. My ankle hurts. My foot hurts. And my massage therapist is on vacation. I'm going to do yoga this morning instead of walking and see if that helps.  It feels like if someone could pick me up by my right leg, and give a good shake, it would fix things.  

And the organic farm stand is open! I drove by yesterday and they had asparagus, so I bought a bunch and will have it for dinner tonight.  

And I just weighed myself -  down 2.2 pounds from last week. Happy happy, joy joy.  


MizFit said...

saw your comment @ roni's

I HEART the zappos.

and adore their nike selection/easy returns.

dont hesitate to ask if youre getting a pair of that brand----I may have em and be able to give you a review :)


Amy! said...

First off awesome loss girl

Secondly I love the look of those noodles! YUMMY

What stand are you talking about that was open? :)

laine said...


Holly Hill.

Maggie said...

Seen your comment @ Roni's too. When I first started I was 184. When I reached 170, no one could tell. I couldn't even tell after I took a picture. I think its my (apple)body shape. I carry it all in my stomach. So even though my arms and legs and even face was thinner. Having it all lay around the stomach area made it a bit difficult for any weight loss show. Keep up the good work. It will start showing in your clothes. It just takes time. :)