Thursday, May 1, 2008

More Dining

Amy loves her Bun! 
Jess wants to love her Pad Thai, but it is too spicy. So it gets packed up for Amy's husband. 
Jess loves her Bun! It is not too spicy. It is just right. 
Leanna loves her Pho and tries to pose, and then wonders why her shoulders are lopsided.  


Amy! said...

I am now mortified that I ate that whole bowl of bun as it looks HUGE! HAHAHA!

FUN NIGHT! I loved our adventure!

Jess (who actually hates tardiness) said...

Ummm...that is a very bad and unflattering picture of me with the extremely spicy pad thai. it may have to be another before picture.

laine said...

Jess, the photo is supposed to convey that you do not like the pad thai due to its extreme spiciness. Then you are saying "yay, Bun!"