Saturday, May 31, 2008

More veggies!

I bought a yellow pear tomato plant today and planted it on the edge of the raspberry patch, since that gets good sun. And I bought a yellow brandywine tomato plant and have it in a pot at the end of the driveway (the end that ends in the yard, not the end by the street.) And I found kale seedlings! I was at the organic farm looking for some, when I saw some friends of the Boy who are organic farmers. They said "You are the one who loves kale." (You see, they are always leaving kale for The Boy, and he gives it to me.) I told them I was on the lookout for kale seedlings, and they just happened to have some in the back of their car. Now I have 3 kale seedlings in my garden! I am so happy and hope they grow into big delicious plants that will keep me in kale all summer and winter long.

I ate some of my basil today - in a little ciabatta sandwich with tomato and fresh mozzarella. Soon, there will be tomato from my garden, and if I got around to it I could even make some fresh mozzarella. Which reminds me, my goat milk lady said there would be milk in May and I have not heard from her...

Today is weekend chore day which means a lot of puttering around, and some exercise mixed in. There will definitely be some strength training and maybe a walk if the rain holds off. I am thinking of kayaking tomorrow since the tides seem right.

Scallops were on sale at Whole Foods, the little ones, so I think those will be dinner tonight, maybe over arugula. And I got some lovely white turnips at the farm (pictured above), so those will be roasted with oil and salt and then I'll wilt the greens.

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