Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Eating Lunch on International No Diet Day

It's International No Diet Day.  They even give you a list of the Top 10 Reasons to Give up Dieting.  And a bunch of them, including #8 ("DIETS ARE BORING. People on diets talk and think about food and practically nothing else. There's a lot more to life") make sense and I've posted about that. (This blog talks mostly about food, but that's because it is my food blog, not because I am obsessesed with food and talk about nothing else.)   

But the site never actually says what they mean by "diet"? I think they mean food plans that ascribe judgments to food, like "this is bad" or "I'm being good today" or "I'm not supposed to have these."  

As for celebrating the day - does it mean that people will stop making inane comments about what they are eating at a cocktail party and will eat what their body wants without guilt? or does it mean that people will look down on others who are trying to get in shape? Because the first one I can get behind, and the second one, well, I can't see how putting people down who are trying to eat more mindfully and exercise, and lose weight in the process, does anything to advance the cause.

So, I'm celebrating No Diet Day by eating exactly the same as I do every day - what I want to eat, when I am hungry, and in amounts that satisfy me. (Which today happens to be kale, chicken and farro, with a little rogue eggplant mixed in.) And by moving and exercising in ways that maybe make me curse while I'm doing them, but make me feel better all day.

Are you celebrating today? How? Why?

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