Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Preppy Lunch

My lunch is sort of preppy colored today, with the pink and green. But it is also delicious and filling!

The New York Times has 2 good articles today:

The Importance of Strong Muscles
There are two aspects to healthy muscles: endurance and strength, said Robert H. Fitts, an exercise physiologist at Marquette University and chairman of the biology department there. To maintain endurance, you should engage in activities that pump blood to the muscles, like walking. For strength, you need to lift weights, concentrating on what Professor Fitts calls the antigravity muscles, those of the back and legs. And, he adds, you should also maintain arm strength.

The most effective way to stimulate muscles is with a system known as progressive resistance. This approach can take about three hours a week and includes days, once a week or so, when you lift weights so heavy that you can do only three to five repetitions before your muscles are too tired to lift again.

Other days are devoted to moderate resistance, with weights you can lift 8 to 10 times. And then you should have some light days, with weights you can lift 12 to 15 times before your muscles tire.

That is an interesting approach. I might have to get some lighter weights, and some heavier ones.

The other article is on the affect of waist size on health. All the more reason to keep track of  measurements along with weight.


Cammy said...

Two excellent articles~! Thanks for sharing the links.

And that lunch did look delicious! Too bad yo couldn't share *that*. :)

MizFit said...

shouting AMEN!!AMEN!! from my office chair :)