Sunday, May 18, 2008

OK, I'm all set with this.

Dinner: 2 crackers with almond butter. Glass of OJ. Water.

I had a nice nap for a couple of hours, then took the dog on a walk. Came home and poked around the kitchen looking for something that appealed to me. Nothing did. I didn't want to cook. I would have eaten some Barbecue Chicken Pizza from Upper Crust had it magically appeared in my house, but it didn't. So I had 2 crackers with almond butter and some OJ in water (I love diluted orange juice) and returned to my bed.

I love my bed. My bedroom is surrounded on 3 sides by windows, and all I can see of them are trees - no houses, no streets, no cars, no signs of other human life. It is lovely. And I can sit and read or listen to NPR or watch bad tv on DVD.

The Boy called and when I started talking to him I collapsed into a coughing fit and had to call him back. He is making homemade macaroni and cheese with hot dogs for dinner. That sounds mildly appealing, more so if there was some Siracha sauce added but since he is cooking it at his house and is not downstairs at my house, I won't be having it anyway. And I'm not hungry enough to go make my own macaroni and cheese.

I am hoping this was the worst of whatever strange ailment I have which seems to involve coughing up half a lung, weird inner ear feelings, lack of hunger and joint pain. Let's think healthy thoughts for tomorrow.

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