Monday, May 5, 2008

What color is your lunch?

I was making my lunch today and as I built it I thought, this is quite monochromatic. So I added in the spicy red pepper spread, and some carrot sticks.  That brightened it up and added more veggies.  This is the red pepper spread, and a cut up Trader Joe's chilie lime chicken burger. 

This is farro and eggplant.  I guess the eggplant could count as purple, except I peeled it.  The farro was cooked in veggie broth, and the eggplant was cubed and sauteed with salt and pepper. It is very yummy. 

I did 2 ten minute Sparkpeople videos this morning. One for lower body, and an abs one.  They are a great length, because it's easy to say "just one more" without feeling like you have to commit for 30 or 40 minutes.  I can see muscles emerging from my arms and legs, and feel my hips and glutes firming up when I walk up my stairs. Come on, don't you feel your bum when you walk up the stairs at home to check your progress?  Oh, well, anyway.  

Seeing these results is helping me keep my mind on my goal, and reminding me why I am taking the time to prepare lunches, and be mindful of what I'm eating, and making the time to work out.

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