Sunday, May 11, 2008

Errand and Chore Day

Today was Sunday Errand and Chore Day, which is one of my favorite days. I love homemaking. I did 4 loads of laundry and hung all the clothes and sheets out on the line to dry. I took all the trash and recycling to the landfill, then went to the grocery store and came home and cleaned the kitchen to get ready for prepping lunch for next week.

This is what I bought on my trip to Whole Foods today (if you click on the picture, it will get big):

Top row bag of bulgar wheat (Grain of the Week), bag of brown rice, mushrooms, whole wheat tortillas, OJ.
Next row: romaine hearts, broccoli rabe (with semisweet chocolate chips under them), almond butter.
Next row: eggplant, 3 small zucchini, broccoli, small cabbage, pound of bay scallops, 4 boneless pork loin chops,
Bottom row: 4 2% Fage yogurt with Peach or strawberry.

This will see me well through the week. I've cooked some of the bulgar already. It will be the grain base for lunches. And I've eaten some of the scallops. I froze 3 of the pork loin in individual wrappers, so I can pull them out the night before I want to eat them. I have to cook some of the broccoli or eggplant or something tonight.

I have not exercised today. And I may not. I even took a little nap. I have been tracking my meals on Sparkpeople today, though, since I almost fell into the Trap of Endless Picking At Things - oatmeal for breakfast, a Fage 2% yogurt, 1 cup of bulgar wheat with a few tablespoons of taco filling, 6 oz. of scallops, then a few semisweet chocolate chips to send the message to my mouth that meals were over until dinner.

It feels nice to give myself the day off from walking or biking or lifting things for no purpose other than building muscle. But what I did do was lots of trips up and down the stairs, lots of trips outside hanging clothes, taking them down, folding them, making the bed - doing all the things I need to have done so that I can do all my exercising the other days of the week and not worry about lunches or clean clothes or dishes or dinners.

I like to have lots of fitness/weight loss blogs in my RSS reader. Here are 2 new ones I found today: Mr. and Mrs. Get Fit, and The ELFF Diet, which stands for Eat Less Fatty Food. I always get a few good ideas from other people's blogs.

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