Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quick update

Went to my mom's. She noticed I'd lost weight. Yay. I ate a few raisins and sunflower seeds in the car on the way up, and then when I got there I grazed over the 5 hours for lunch and dinner and had: salad, 2 turkey dogs, 1 slider-sized hamburger, a few chicken wings, wine and some icebox cake. Icebox cake is chocolate wafers layered with whip cream and then put in the ice box for a few hours until the wafers get soft and then you eat it. It is very good.

I'm full now, and when I stopped at WF on the way home to get groceries, I was too full to really buy much except yogurt and artichokes and, for some reason, a large amount of onions - 3 different kinds.

Anyway, the dog and I are off to the Boy's. He's going biking with his team mates at 7 a.m. tomorrow which means our leisurely Sunday morning coffee drinking will not be so leisurely, but such is life.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent news -- when your Mom (or anyone) starts to notice the weight loss!