Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stopping When Full

I had breakfast at The Boy's house this morning. He made eggs with avocado over english muffins, and some potatoes with bacon fat (and some bacon.) The bacon is from a farm in vermont and tastes like ham. Usually I eat my whole breakfast. Today, I decided to just see how much breakfast it took for me to be full. It took about 3 pieces of red potato, and then half of my english muffin with egg, and a few bites of the other half. The Boy wanted to know if I was going to finish my breakfast, and I said no, I was full. So we wrapped the english muffin for me to take home (and I forgot to take it home.) We also had super delicious coffee that I had 3 cups of. Coffee is one of my favorite things about waking up in the morning.

Breakfast was at around 9 I think, and I am just now a little bit hungry for lunch, so I'm having a Fage 2% yogurt.

I did my sit ups and side planks this morning. The Boy was in his home office doing some bookkeeping so I went to keep him company and did my exercises while the dog snuffed around my head and tried to figure out what I was doing and how it could benefit him in some way.

I need to get some cardio in today. I took yesterday off from exercising, I felt like I had a cold coming on (which seems to be not coming on hopefully) so I gave myself the day off. Today I might walk outside or do some vinyasa yoga.

I have to do some meal planning for next week, and go to the grocery store and do some food prep (and decide on next week's Grain of The Week. It might be time for brown rice again.)

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