Friday, May 16, 2008

Lack of Planning

I did not plan well today. I wasn't very hungry for breakfast so I ate some of the remains of a Fage Total Yogurt before I left for work, and just finished the rest of it. I think there was about 3/4 of a tub total, which would be 195 calories, and 15 g. of fat. I also did not bring a lunch. I did bring a bowl and I have some soup here but that is maybe 200 calories, which leaves me about 500 calories below where I normally am after lunch. Not good.

What I think I will do is finish this package of papers I have to mail to the Court, then head to the Post Office and stop at Panera on the way back for a Mediterranean Veggie 1/2 sandwich, and have that with my soup.

1 comment:

Cammy said...

Not bad at all for an unplanned kind of day. What you're eating is healthy at least. I may have to try that sandwich (without the feta, which I don't care for). It looks yummy!

Have a happy weekend!