Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just About There

The Lentil Rice Pilaf came out quite well. But it made a gigantic amount of food. And since I added butter I can't even pawn any off on my vegan brother. Next time I will make 1/2 a batch.

I went to the Boy's last night for dinner. I was still feeling under the weather and hoping he was not cooking something heavy because I wasn't very hungry. Thankfully, he made the perfect summer dinner, and if I hadn't been too tired to go to my car for my phone, I would have photographed it. It was: bowl of arugula, some boneless chicken thighs he'd marinated maybe in some kind of raspberry dressing?, a few candied pecans that he made (these were amazing!), some riced potatoes that I added to my salad, and a few pieces of avocado. There wasn't even any dressing, just all those lovely warm things wilting the arugula - my favorite type of meal.

This morning I have a very early (7:30 a.m.) breakfast meeting. The the food at the venue is not worth eating, so I'll eat before I go.

I didn't work out at all yesterday, except for a walk or 2 with the dog. I will at least do some strength training today. It's funny that now that I am in the habit of being active, I don't like to be sluggish for this many days.

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