Tuesday, May 6, 2008

9 Things I Love About Biking (and one thing I hate)

  1. Burning 576 Calories in 45 minutes. 
  2. Knowing that my metabolism will be higher all day because of the biking. 
  3. Being done! with the biking for the day. 
  4. The view from Jerusalem Road at 7 a.m. 
  5. Knowing my muscles are getting stronger. 
  6. Having new bike shoes that make biking a little bit more efficient. 
  7. Did I mention the done part? and the 576 calories? 
  8. The thought of fitting into my size 10 jeans, and size 8 pants. 
  9. Knowing that it can only get easier.
And the thing I'm not so fond of yet: 
  1. The actual biking part. 


Amy! said...

Do you have a road or mountain bike?

laine said...

Both. I rode the mountain bike yesterday. It is a sluggish old beast, but feels more stable which is nice when I first start riding.

I rode the road bike this morning which is much speedier, except I always feel like I'm going to fly over the handlebars when I first start riding it.

Alice said...

I am like you: I love biking, but for one thing... biking uphill. Makes me wonder if instead of French I should be Dutch. or something.