Thursday, May 8, 2008

Second Lunch

So, I ended up eating the steak part of my lunch at 11 or so, which kept me full through my client meeting at 1pm. Now it's a little after 2:30 and I'm eating the farro and curry part of lunch. And some carrot sticks. And a baby snickers square.

I put my hands on my hips this morning while I was standing at my desk, and the nice little cushions that are usually there to support my hands had shrunk. It might be my pants, but it might also be that my kidney insulation is getting smaller.

Tonight might be a challenge as far as dinner. The Boy is doing plumbing for some friends on the Cape, which means he gets home a little later, and I'm going over there which might mean stopping and getting Chinese food for him on the way to his house since he'll be tired and hungry. But, we usually get seaweed salad, the chicken that wraps in the lettuce and some dumpling things, which is all pretty good, especially since he likes the dumplings that I don't really like so I don't eat them. I'll have to be sure to have a snack when i get home from work so that I'm not famished which will cause me to order noodley things or fried things which would not really be what I wanted in the long run.

And now that it's sunny out, I can get in a late afternoon walk with the dog. And I can stop at whole foods to get some 2% Fage yogurt.

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