Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yummy Yoga

My yoga practice last night was so yummy. That was the word that hit me in the middle of it. I decided that I wanted to design my own practice, so I put on some Mantras in Motion music and started with some Moon Salutations. I did the flow in very slow motion so I could get the most out of each pose, then I did a couple of rounds at normal speed, matching the postures to my breath.

After the vinyasa I moved to floor poses, forward bends, and a lot of hip openers. The final track on the CD is called "Bliss" which was perfect for savasana.

Now that I'm feeling stronger and have the basics down, I want to start working on wheel pose (maybe choosing a man to demonstrate that pose was not the best decision...), monkey pose, and some back bends. I can barely lift myself off the ground in my attempt to get up into wheel, so for now I will just practice lifting myself up slightly until my arms and legs get stronger, and I have to look into how to prepare for monkey pose.

Now that I've had my coffee and breakfast, I am going to go for a hike, I think.

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