Friday, July 3, 2009

And another one bites the dust!

Down another pound this week, for 6 pounds total since the begining of June. I've kept at this - tracking my food each day, planning, figuring out a Plan B on the day I made the best lunch ever and then left it at home with all my water, going for hikes in the rain, crawling out of bed with one eye still closed to walk the dog in the morning - and have not once felt deprived or like I couldn't enjoy something.

A few times I've been hungry after dinner, but then I look at what I ate and it was totally adequate fuel for the day and I just remind myself that breakfast will be coming shortly and we are in no danger of starving and we aren't actually hungry and I've moved on to something else. I think that is the helpful thing about tracking - I know for a fact that my body has received everything it needs that day so I don't need to eat more with the belief that maybe it's missing something.

And I know that the scale is not the ultimate tool for measuring how successful I am at this, but it is the most convenient since I don't own a machine to measure my lung strength and don't have any body fat calipers. So, I'll keep using it.

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