Monday, July 20, 2009

The Slow _______ Movement

So you've heard about the slow food movement. Where you bake bread that rises for 18 hours, and eat slowly and grow your own food or get it from a CSA.

Well, I might start the Slow Hike movement. And the Slow Swim movement. I was thinking about this while I was swimming the other day. I swam for about 40 minutes. I swim slowly. I keep my head above water (and my sunglasses on, and am considering wearing a wide brimmed hat to complete the sun-safe ensemble) and do a modfied breast stroke along the shore, then flip over and do a modifed back stroke the other way. I try to face away from the sun. Sometimes I do the side-stroke which seems like the ultimate old-lady stroke, but I love it and its scissor kick.

Then sometimes I'll just stop and float and stick my feet up out of the water and marvel at how lucky I am to be in floating in the ocean. And then I swim some more. Back and forth. Until I feel done.

I'm a slow hiker, too. A steady hiker, but not a quick one. No peak-bagging here (although I have bagged a few and certainly keep track of them, but you'll not find me racing to the top to check another off my list.) No jogging up and down Mount Washington like I saw someone doing when I climbed it 10 years ago. And that's ok. I go at a pace that I imagine will keep me hiking well into my 70's or 80's (not that the mountain will take me that long, but that my knees and ankles will stay happy enough to allow it.)

A bit of yoga planned before bed.

Food today:
Breakfast: english muffin with butter and a hard boiled egg.
Lunch: leftover polenta with roasted veggies, hard boiled egg for snack.
Dinner: brown rice, salmon and asparagus. with a little goat cheese toast on the side.

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