Saturday, July 25, 2009

7.5 Miles

That's how far I biked this morning. I had finished my coffee and English muffin and wasn't quite sure what to do next and it wasn't raining and I could hear the bikers going past my house so I decided to be one of those people that starts the day off with a bike ride.

I ended up going about twice as far as I normally do. My stamina is definitely improving. I reached the point where I normally turn around and I just kept going past it, past the other walkers, and surfers and swimmers and the old, tanned men sitting on the boardwalk.

Then I came home and had second breakfast since I realized my 200 calorie breakfast wasn't really enough to fuel me for the bike ride and a day of hauling stuff out of a house into a dumpster. Second breakfast was cereal, and I think some watermelon in a bit.

Farm stand later today to stock back up on vegetables.

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