Saturday, July 11, 2009

Take A Hike!

That's what I did this morning. My usual route, 2.5 hours through the Blue Hills. I started at 10:30, which I think is too late because I was very hot and sweaty. Next time I will pack my bag the night before and have my waters and shoes and snacks and everything ready so I can just go in the morning and not putter around for a 1/2 hour getting ready.

I am loving my hiking poles more every time I use them. I have figured out how best to use them on the way down so they are like extra legs out in front of me, keeping my knees safe and my balance on track while I get down the hills faster. One little kid said as I went by "It's like those sticks are her legs."

One of the best parts about hiking is lounging around afterwards and wondering what to eat. Except that I'm too tired to actually cook or buy anything to eat so I just snack on some bits of cheese and dry cereal and drink water and think about lobster rolls.

I sometimes think I want to go on this hiking trip in this fall: because hiking that many days in a row would be so cool, but then I also think I want to go to Tribal Jam at Kripalu because dancing that many days in a row would be amazing. Who knows what I'll end up doing, but it's nice to know those opportunities are out there.

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