Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Out to Lunch & new lulu

Went out to lunch today, but since I'd planned in advance I was fine - had a salmon salad, grilled salmon over greens with a little dressing & some asparagus. Yum.

Then I went next door to lululemon where they were having a sale - so I ended up with 2 new cropped pants and 2 tanks - both of which I need for my summer workouts and hikes. A fitting reward for my work so far.

Dinner is an open-faced tuna sandwich with a little mayo, a lot of jalapenos and some avocado for added fiber. As I'm eating I realize that this is my second fish dish of the day, but oh well. I'll not have any the rest of the week. I'm also realizing that they days I'm most satisfied and not hungry are the days when my fat & protein intake is higher than what Sparkpeople thinks it should be, even though my calories are within the limit. I figure I know me best, so I just go with it.

The nice things about new lululemon is that I, of course, put it on as soon as I get home, which makes an evening workout even easier to do. And I have scheduled a massage for Friday afternoon, so I should work my muscles a little before then. I'm really trying to keep on a 3 day a week schedule of sit-ups and lifting my 10lb weights since I know that makes a huge difference in building muscle and getting the weight off.

I will prep some lunch stuff and coffee for the morning, work on my business plan a little and then hopefully my dinner will have settled enough for a nice evening yoga practice.

Leave a comment if you visit - what do you reward yourself with?

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