Thursday, July 9, 2009

Being Done

A big challenge for me is "being done" eating in the evenings. I know that if I am too hungry when I get home I will eat something as a snack before dinner, then have dinner, and then before I even stop to think about whether I'm full, I'll have another little after dinner snack.

Or I used to do that.

I had to go to Whole Foods today on my way home for some veggies and shrimp and coffee beans (I could survive happily on a deserted island with those 3 foods to sustain me). And I was getting hungry. I needed something to tide me over on the ride home, but not something that I would eat all of or want to keep eating once I got home. So, I found some nice sharp chedder and had a bite of that. Just one small bite. I pictured it going into my stomach and providing my body with the maybe 50 calories of fat and protein that it needed to stave off full blown hunger. And because it was sharp it gave my mouth something to keep it occupied.

I came home and made dinner - shrimp (5 oz), Farro Pasta, leeks, mushrooms, and a tsp. of butter and 1/2 oz. of Parmesan cheese. Yum. And with a beer it was still within my calories for the day.

After I finished, I had the fleeting thought of - hmm, do I want something more? But then I realized that I had given my body all the fuel it needed for the day and that asking it to take on more wasn't that nice.

I had an awesome yoga practice last night. I did side one of Shiva Rea's Drops of Nectar, which has Moon Salutations, a second track with no instructions where I just did poses that I wanted to do, and then some breathing meditations and finally savasana. I slept very soundly.

Plan for the rest of the evening - dishes, prep coffee for the morning, yoga, sleep.

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