Friday, July 24, 2009

From Y to Z

I went on an mind/body exercise extravaganza tour on Wed. and Thurs.

Wednesday was a two (and a bonus extra half hour) hour back-bend workshop. I realized I'd been avoiding back bends, and saw this workshop offered by cat kabira and knew I had to go. She was an amazing teacher and I have a whole new appreciation for bridge pose, and was able to kick up into forearm balance which was pretty cool since I'd never been able to do that. And I realized I need to do much more ab work as part of my routine.

That much yoga is a lot of yoga, and I tried to not use all my energy in the beginning so that I was able to stick with it to the end. There was only one part where I thought I'd puke or pass out, so I just got out of the pose and leaned forward for a bit. The room was way too hot for my liking (it was in a heated yoga studio. the room wasn't heated, but it was on the 3rd floor with little ventilation and lots of sweaty bodies) but other than that it was amazing. I will definitely seek out more workshops to enhance my home practice and introduce me to new styles.

Then last night I went to *zumba*! I think I love zumba. It was fun and a great workout and great to move in a different way.

This morning my entire upper body is sore. My abs hurt, the muscles around my shoulder blades, my arms. And I feel like I threw out my right elbow waving my arms around in zumba. But it feels good. I now know what needs more work and attention. And hopefully those workouts will nudge the scale down a little. I think I will also take some measurements now, to see what changes going forward. I know I should take them in the beginning, but I didn't.

My eating has stayed on track and even though it is hurricane-like weather out there now, this weekend should be nice for some more outdoor things.


Battle of the Bulge said...

Hey. This is chunkychic from 3FC. I just wanted to let you know how much you inspire me. You make me want to try new things and get out of my "comfort zone" just a bit. Thanks a lot!


laine said...

Thanks! Let me know if you get to yoga class!