Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bike Swim Bike

My own mini biathlon today. After hitting the farmer's market for blueberries, eggs and coffee I realized that the best way to beat the steamy heat was with water - sea water! So I biked to the beach (about 10 minutes) slowly made my way into the water (about 5 minutes, it was a bit brisk at first) and then swam and floated and swam for about 40 minutes before I could feel that I had cooled down to the core.

A quick dry and a nice ride home and I'm feeling so much better.

Lunch was egg salad with chopped jalapenos and a little of the burdock root that I got the other day, some cherries on the side and milk.

Hiking tomorrow, and later today I'm going to check out some small day/hydration packs at REI that will hopefully be less sweaty on my back than my pack I use now.

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