Monday, July 27, 2009

Evening Swim, Interrupted

As I drove home and saw the high tide, I thought it would be the perfect evening for a swim. But after biking to the beach I saw that it was piled high with sea weed, and some trash, and remembered that a nearby beach had been closed on Saturday due to high bacteria counts from all the rain and run-off and I was sufficiently skeeved out enough to peddle back home without a swim.

Bummer. And while I appreciate the extra 20 minutes of biking, I hope that the beach goes back to normal soon so I can swim.

I will say that my sit-bones are smarting every time I get on the bike. It goes away after a few minutes, but yikes, it hurts like the devil. And I wear padded bike shorts and have a rather cushy seat. I'm hoping I adjust soon and don't mind it so.

I have also figured out why it is useful to have so many work out clothes (and not just because they are cute) - it's because when I workout every day, I can toss them in the washer and not have to do laundry every day and never being able to use the excuse "but I don't have anything to wear..."

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