Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wheel Pose, F*ck Yeah

(Wheel pose. Photo from

I was trying to practice my hand-stands last night. I was at the wall with my hands on the floor, trying to kick up but couldn't get there. A combination of fear of falling into the nightstand and disbelief that I could do it in the first place. So, I moved away from the wall and tried to practice a forearm balance/headstand. Still couldn't get up. I wasn't focused and was just trying to do the pose, rather than get into the pose.

I decided to work on bridge pose knowing that would help me someday do wheel, or upward bow, pose. A few bridges and I figured I'd practice coming onto the crown of my head to prep for wheel. And then, there I was, straightening my arms and coming up into my full wheel. And not collapsing in a heap like there were cement bags piled on me, but taking 5 deep breaths and then slowly coming down and smiling a giant smile.

My teacher had said the other day that it's not about being strong. It's about making sure the alignment is there, and just stacking everything and up you go. And it is. My arms are not markedly stronger than they were a few weeks ago when I couldn't move my head a smidge (actually, they might be) but my body is certainly in better alignment.

Still feeling a little sleepy after my coffee, but I'm going to do a little yoga before getting ready for work.

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