Saturday, April 24, 2010


I went to yoga this morning. It was scheduled as a Level 2/3 vinyasa class. I don't like vinyasa that much (I feel sloppy) but I love the teacher so I went. There was one other girl in the class. The teacher looked at us and said "Yay! Some butt kicking!" Eek.

But as we sat there breathing and centering and preparing for class, the joy in me bubbled over and a huge smile was on my face.

It was more like arm kicking. We were going to practice inversions, again!, so we did lots of plank pose as warm ups, then forearm plank, then other things that made the teacher say "sorry guys, you're going to hate me."

But I got up into a lovely headstand, my classmate got into a forearm balance which is my next big goal. It just looks so beautiful! But, I'm working on my forearm strength right now. Then we all did shoulderstand. It feels so good to go upside down.

Later in the afternoon I went for a walk in the woods and lay on a bench by a lake and watched a Canada Goose fish and then clean itself. The walked helped my muscles loosen up, and the rest helped my brain relax.

Now I'm home and eating pate for dinner and wondering how liver can be so tasty.

(All pictures by me on my walk today.)

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