Monday, April 19, 2010

Holy Handstand

(photo from Yoga Journal, link below)

I think I have found my yoga home. Went to class tonight - 4 other young women besides me. The teacher said she could tell we all had a good foundation so we could play. So, we played with handstand and after some kicking - including with the teacher standing behind me at one point (to guide me) so I felt like I was going to kick her in the face when I got up - I got up! And stayed up for a few breaths and then said "yay!" and then came gracefully down.

We also practiced Urdhva Dhanurasana, wheel pose. (Why they chose a man to model that pose is a mystery...) I can't get up that high yet, but I got up further than I'd ever gone before.

And the teacher used me as an example of how to take a perfectly aligned triangle pose and throw your heart open and back. The nerd in me rejoiced to be the example, and all those years of doing Trikonasana imagining I was between 2 planes of glass, paid off when I could bring my bottom hand out, and joyfully throw my upper hand, chest and head back as my heart shown out.

Rewinding to the middle of the day - lunch just did not leave me filled. I came home around 3 and had some egg salad wrapped in steamed collard leaves, which has the potential to be good but needs some tweaking, and an english muffin. Then, since I was awake rather early this morning, I took a nap before class. I slept, despite the neighbor's leave blower or well drilling or something.

Yoga energized me and makes me happy.

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