Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easing Out

I'm easing out of the cleanse. I think I've gotten what I need out of it. I went out with friends after work and had a glass of wine and 2 scallops, and then half a roll with butter. That right there is a big change, half a roll. Not the whole thing eaten automatically, but hunger felt, and roll eaten slowly until hunger abated. Although I will say that I was taking more than a second glace at the plates of salmon and french fries coming out of the kitchen at the restaurant...

Then to home where I made some brisket, rice and cauliflower. Stopped eating when I was full, one small bowl. Not the huge serving I would usually have. And now what am I craving? Pineapple and water. But I'm having an orange because it's easier to prepare than cutting the entire pineapple right now.

Or maybe I'm easing into a new way of eating. Either way, I feel good.

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