Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lentils for Laine

So, my dinner was not eggplant. It was lentils and rice. And lovely. I want to throw all the fruits in my kitchen out the window. Which I'm sure will pass by tomorrow. But really, my path is the middle path. I could not be vegan or do Atkins or just eat fruits and veggies even for 2 days. Even when I was at Kripalu for a week, by day 4 I was ready to throw the kale and millet across the room. But then I found the sandwich bar with the corned beef and made a reuban and all was right with the world again.

This is what I will keep up:
1. Hydrating. I had fallen behind on my water drinking lately and I can tell these last 2 days of lots of water have really helped. And made me pee 87 times.

2. More lentils. I love lentils. Especially this batch I made with veggie broth. So much flavor and deliciousness.

3. More veggies.

4. Fruit. I don't eat enough fruit. Usually because I don't like to buy the ones that come to America on a airplane, so I try to keep it to things from the lower 48 states. Too local and I'd never eat anything but apples.

5. Yoga. I've been doing more yoga lately and want to keep it up. Which I can't do when there is an entire pineapple in my stomach.

Alright, enough sitting around and blogging. I'm going for my evening constitutional and then packing lunch for tomorow.

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