Friday, April 30, 2010

Home School

I skipped yoga class last night. Well, I made the consciuos decision to go out with a friend for wine and antipasti and mussels instead of going to yoga. I figured a day of rest would be good. But after I got home, there I was, on my floor doing some forward bends before bed. Practicing my forearm plant and dolphin pose. I was using a blanket, not a mat, to see if it helped build my core and leg muscles in some of the poses I usually use the grip of the mat to hold. It did. I think I will try to use the blanket for some of my home practice.

My siblings and I are all going to visit my dad this weekend at his little cabin the woods. Apparently he has a list of work for us to do, like helping to terrace a hill in his yard so he can plant an orchard. What?! Oh, well, he also makes us homemade ice cream so I guess it's a fair trade. Maybe I can practice some handstands against the trees.

I'm going to 8am yoga this morning, then preparing for a talk on health care proxies to eating disorder therapists (I wonder if this is what made me stop weighing myself? Seeing the slight madness of having a number on a scale as a goal), and then maybe going to kirtan or a cocktail party or maybe a yoga flow to music class (is 2 classes in one day too many? or just right?)


shannon (the daily balance) said...

nice work on the Yoga -- sounds like you can't escape it!

I don't blame you for playing hooky from class -- sometimes good food and good company take priority ;)

laine said...

Thanks! It certainly does follow me everywhere!