Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Slug Also Rises

It is very weird to find that when I once again begin biking and yogaing I gain weight. Like 4 pounds in the last 2 weeks. Come on now people.

I went to 6 am yoga today and was the only one there. How awesome is a private yoga class? As awesome as you'd imagine. Such work on alignment, the little tweaks that take the pose from ordinary to "hello hamstring!"

I went to visit my dad a couple of weekends ago and did two 2-hour long hikes with him. My 76 year old father is in better shape than I am. But I think he's in better shape than 90% of people... We hiked Mt. Washington together 10 years ago and I'd love to do that again. But in good enough shape that it's enjoyable. And that comes about through regular biking and yoga and cardiovascular work.

What I want is strong lungs and strong legs so I can hike and bike and do my yoga. And I want good balance so some day when I'm old won't fall. That's all.

And I want good consistent sleep, not the 3:30am wake ups. 4:30 is fine because you can sort of get up then and have a productive day, but 3:30 you are awake until 5 then back asleep until 7 which is not good. Acupuncture visit tomorrow and Ayurveda class on Saturday. (And turning 38 on Sunday. Eep.)

P.S. I belong to 2 gyms. I have been to one gym once since I joined, and the other one I tried to go to on Easter Sunday to a boot camp class but it was canceled so I left and went home and rode my bike 11 miles. I think belonging to a gym motivates me to work out more outside the gym.

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