Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Coffee Free Again

(one of the collard leaves I'm chopping and steaming for lunch)

Day 3 of cleanse. Grains are added back in today. I've been having small amounts of grains already, so I'll just stick with those - 1/2 cup tiny black lentils, 1/2 cup rice at lunch.

I'm back having my yogi tea for breakfast. I missed it's zest and flavor. I woke up not too hungry, and even now, having been up for an hour, I'm not ready for my pear.

I realized that most everything I ate yesterday was white (pear, banana, cauliflower, etc.) so today I'm making an effort to get more color in. I chopped and steamed a bunch of collards to have with lunch, and will work in an orange or grapefruit and have strawberries again. Maybe my eggplant counted as purple, even though the flesh is white...

Ok, now I want my pear.

Happy cleansing everyone!

P.S. Down another 1.2 lbs.

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