Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finding Balance

A break from yoga classes today. My favorite teacher wasn't teaching, in her place was a teacher who used to be an Olympic swimmer, and I was, I admit, afraid.

So, I came home and had rib-eye, rice, mushrooms and cauliflower for dinner. And some jelly beans. And some wine. I feel like I'm eating too much rice lately, but it's fast (since it's white basmati) and it's a good base for my meals.

I also cleaned the kitchen and prepped lunch for tomorrow - the other half of the rib-eye, 1/2 cup rice, cauliflower, pear, banana... Needs something green or orange. Maybe carrot sticks? And an orange with breakfast. It will be a nice change from the lentil/collards/rice that I've been having the last couple of days.

A Chorus Line is my favorite musical. And every time I walk up the steps to yoga class, I sing in my head "up a steep and very narrow stairway, to the voice like a metrono-ome, up a steep and very narrow stairway, it wasn't paradise, it wasn't paradise, it wasn't paradise but it was home." But it is paradise, and it's starting to feel like home.

It's Emily Gilmore!

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